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A Seasoned Miami Business Law Attorney

Businesses must resolve problems related to contracts and litigation, while still being mindful of operations. These legal disputes can lead to costly and time-intensive courtroom cases. The Law & Mediation Offices of Minervino Rodriguez, Jr., is an accomplished business law firm that resolves problems and helps businesses avoid litigation and manage their operations.

Attorney Minervino Rodriguez, Jr., has nearly 40 years of Florida business law experience. His firm helps owners in the Miami area start, grow and maintain their businesses. You can speak with this knowledgeable corporate lawyer by calling 305-705-6000.

Skilled Corporate Law Guidance For Transactions

Problems with transactions can cause lost profits and litigation. Attorney Rodriguez prepares contract agreements and guides complex transactions to completion. He personally assists clients in high-value transactions, including corporate acquisitions and the purchase and sale of businesses.

The firm helps clients with many types of business transactions, including those involving:

  • Guarantee agreements
  • License agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Sales agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Confidential agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Agreements restricting completion by a former employee or partner
  • Agreements between owners and partners
  • Shareholders agreements

Attorney Rodriguez fights for his clients in transaction disputes. He and his staff work diligently to favorably resolve business lawsuits without delays. Attorney Rodriguez is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Law Mediator. He helps businesses find solutions outside of the courtroom in mediation.

An Experienced Lawyer For A Business's Entire Lifecycle

Attorney Rodriguez can act as a trusted adviser for your business formation needs. He works with owners as their venture grows and assists them with business incorporation and maintenance. He can help you avoid the common and dangerous mistakes that thriving businesses can make.

Attorney Rodriguez also helps businesses with their day-to-day operations and employee relations. He is a contractual law advocate who can create NDAs, noncompetes and independent contractor agreements. Attorney Rodriguez will help you understand your needs and give you a personalized legal strategy.

Save Time And Money With A Capable Business Law Firm

Failing to invest in proven legal counsel can lead to problems in negotiations and the courtroom. You can work with this knowledgeable lawyer by calling 305-705-6000 or by sending your case details.