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A Proven Divorce Mediator For The Miami Area

Divorce filings are stressful experiences for both separating spouses and their children. These filings can involve disputes over homes, custody and high-value assets. The Law & Mediation Offices of Minervino Rodriguez, Jr., helps people resolve their divorce issues through the mediation process.

Minervino Rodriguez, Jr., is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. He has helped divorcing couples in Miami for nearly 40 years. You can call 305-705-6000 to speak with this skilled divorce mediator.

Experienced Guidance For Complex Divorce Filings

A divorce is already stressful, and a drawn-out fight can throw your plans into disarray. Mediation can let you and your spouse find solutions to problems without the expense, time and public nature of a courtroom battle. In a mediation, Attorney Rodriguez works with both parties with the goal of achieving an agreement that resolves their issues to their mutual satisfaction.

Divorcing couples can resolve many aspects of divorce with mediation, including:

Mediation allows separating couples to collaboratively resolve their disputes while still protecting their interests. You and your children can move past your divorce, and forward with your life, through mediation. Attorney Rodriguez and his staff can answer your questions and give you a realistic idea of what you can expect.

High-Asset And High Net Worth Divorce Mediation

A divorce involving high net worth or high-value assets presents difficult challenges for families. These cases can be divisive and may lead to dragged out disputes over homes, business holdings and other property. Attorney Rodriguez designs divorce solutions for business owners, professional athletes, doctors, attorneys and other professionals. He can help you avoid commonly overlooked divorce issues, including liability division and tax payments.

Talk To An Accomplished Family Lawyer

Attorney Rodriguez has guided many challenging divorce filings to positive resolutions with mediation. You can call 305-705-6000 or use the contact form to schedule your consultation at the firm.